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Besides our vinyl flooring, our company is the contracted partner or distributor of lots of outstanding producers in almost the whole range of resilient flooring. By the manufacturing of our products, the main aspect is innovation and that we continuously pay attention and respond to the latest technical innovations and to market demands.

Magicfloor, Magicfloor logoIn Hungary, we have taken part in several projects besides the distribution of our products so we could become a competitor of acknowledged European manufacturers. This also necessitated the presence of our reliable and well-qualified background contractor partners.

Our company was established in 2007. We could achieve great success in the field of vinyl flooring sales within a short time with our products under the brand name Magicfloor.

Our contracted partner that time was one of the largest and most acknowledged manufacturers of vinyl flooring in the world. In 2009 due to the changing market situation we launched the COMMERCIAL materials for public buildings besides our HOME domestic floorings, which promoted our presence on the international market (Romania, Slovakia).

In 2010, a new plan was worked out in order to start our own production with the help of our acquired experiences and contacts. We have already begun negotiations with investors in that year as a result of which the first box MAGICFLOOR Standard 55 rolled down from our production line in 2011. In the following year, we have developed our MAGICFLOOR “Click system”, MAGICFLOOR “Drop & Walk” floating vinyl flooring, and our MAGICFLOOR “Woven vinyl” selection of absolute premium category.

: A Magicfloor mint a Responsive cég közép-európai gyári képviselete (Rishabh Agarwal, Surányi Péter)Since 2013, we supply the sole Central-European manufacturing representation of the company RESPONSIVE. Within a few years, our partner has grown to the 4th largest PVC-manufacturer in the world due to more own patents. Still in 2013, we signed an agreement with a German carpet tile manufacturer as a result of which we offer our partners office and hotel carpet tiles of high quality under the brand name Magicfloor.

The main motivator of our continuously expanding partner network is the intention of satisfying the customers’ demands and needs more variously on a higher level and thereby building a special partnership between the customers and our company, which can serve as a basis for further mutual business cooperations in the future.

We are looking forward to your kind feedback for an opportunity to introduce our products briefly at a personal meeting so that you can make sure of their competitiveness.

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Magicfloor vinyl floors offer versatile options in several attractive wooden, stone, metal, and leather designs with easy installation and maintenance. Our Standard35Standard55, and Drop&Walk selections transform the different shades to an active design providing therefore an ideal green solution for both commercial and residential interiors.


Luxury woven vinyl floor collection with its fine textile structure provides a luxurious and aesthetic flooring solution besides its practical features. Woven vinyl floors are an ideal choice for an aesthetic interior due to their extraordinary woven surface.


Responsive PVC floors are engineered for longevity, toughness and high performance. We have floors for multiple purposes in a variety of sizes, colours and textures that create fascinating options for designers and consultants. The products have anti-slip, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static, and conductive properties suitable for high-traffic areas.


Carpet tiles perfectly fit in offices, shops, and hotels but also in residential areas. Simpler transportation and storage, unlimited design varieties using various colours, noise and sound absorption are just a few of the advantages which contribute to the comfort of carpet tiles.





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